Great Music,

that NO drumcorps has EVER done!

email me your additions/corrections! -
Adams, J    - Lollapolooza

Albinoni    - Adagio in Gm for Strings and Organ

Arnold, M   - Prelude, Siciliano, and Rondo

Bach, JS    - Orch.Suite in Bm: Badinerie
              Sleepers, Awake

Bach, CPE   - {anything}

Beethoven   - Symphony #1
              Symphony #3

Bizet       - Symphony in C major

Brahms      - Symphony #1 - 1st Movement
              Violin Concerto

Bruckner    - {anything. these come to mind:}
              Symphony #4
              Symphony #6
              Symphony #7 (adagio)
              Symphony #8

Chopin      - {almost anything - only one nocturne and one polonaise have
               been done, and that was 40 years ago. These come to mind:}
              Waltz in A minor
              Scherzo in Bb minor
              Etude - Tristesse
              Etude - Revolutionary
              Etude - Winter Wind

Delibes     - Coppelia ballet

Dvorak      - Cello Concerto in Bm
              (and almost any of his symphonies 1-8)

Ewazen      - Symphony in Brass

Glass, P    - Stayagraha (scene 1)

Gliere, R   - Heroic March

Gounoud, C  - Romeo and Juliet

Ireland, J  - Epic March

Liszt       - {almost anything - these come to mind:}
              La Campanella
              Mephisto Waltz

Massenet    - Thais/Meditation

Mendelssohn - {almost anything - these come to mind:}
              Violin Concerto

Mozart      - Jupiter Symphony - Finale
              Piano Concerto #21 - Andante

Nicolai     - Merry Wives of Windsor (overture)

Poulenc     - {anything - these come to mind:}

Prokofiev   - Romeo and Juliet
              Cinderella (esp the Walz)
              Symphony #3
              Symphony #5
              (any of his other symphonies, for that matter)

Ravel         Morning Song of the Jester

Rossini     - La Gazza Nadra (The Thieving Magpie)

Schumann, R - {anything}

Shubert     - Rosamunda overture
              (no corps has ever played any piece by Shubert)

Sibelius    - Karelia Suite

Stenhammar  - Excelsior

Suk         - Towards a New Life

Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto
              Polonaise from Eugene Onegin
              Symphony #2

Verdi       - The Force of Destiny
              Rigoletto (e.g. "La Donna e Mobile")

Von Weber   - Euryanthe Overture

Wagner      - Siegfried Idyll


Doldinger,K - "Das Boot"

Dun, Tan    - "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

Goldsmith,J - Theme from "Capricorn One"

Kilner/Arnold - "Wing Commander"

Williams, J - Theme from "Time Tunnel"

Blakey, A   - Moanin' (comp. by Timmons)
              Pensativa (comp. by Fischer)
              The Core (comp. by Hubbard)
              Mayreh (comp. by Silver)

Coltrane, J - Giant Steps

Davis, M    - Impressions (NTSU arrangement from lab'82)

Evans, Bill - {anything. These come to mind:}
              Very Early

Gillespie   - Con Alma
              One Bass Hit

Herman, W   - Mambo Herd (w/Tito Puente)

Kenton      - Collaboration
              Blues Between and Betwixt (Levy composition)
              Daily Dance (Holman composition)
              Samba Siete (Levy composition)
              Stompin' At the Savoy (Hanna arrangement)
              Turtle Talk (Barton composition)

Metheny, P  - James

Monk, T     - Well You Needn't

Nestico, S  - Basie, Straight Ahead

NTSU        - The Newborn Hippopotamus

Rollins, S  - Aerigin (Abene arrangement for M.Ferguson)

Strayhorn,B - Lush Life
              Blood Count

Woods, P    - I Remember Bird

Aerosmith           - Dream On
                      Sweet Emotion

Basia               - Freeze Thaw
                      Miles Away
                      Time and Tide

My Chemical Romance - Cancer

Chicago             - A Hit by Varese

Dream Theater       - Panic Attack

Mars Volta          - [numerous]

Metallica           - Master of Puppets

Muse                - {numerous. These come to mind:}
                      City of Delusion

Phish               - {numerous}

Shania Twain        - From This Moment (comp. by Lange)

Spinal Tap          - Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight

Styx                - Show Me the Way

Talking Heads       - House in Motion

Tower of Power      - Down to the Nightclub

A. Vollenweider     - Down to the Moon

No corps has yet drawn from the wealth of Bollywood music.

Any of the works by Ivor Papasov.