Classic Hardbat Videos

Feature Films

Hardbat Fest on the American River - Kip's forehand smash proves devastating! (MPEG1, 3.4Mb, 0:38)
Table Tennis WOW! - the wildest, most heart-pounding training video EVER! (MPEG1, 4.5Mb, 2:30)
The Marlboro Massacre - the most horrifying apocolyptic atrocity ever caught on film! (MPEG1, 4.7Mb, 1:15)
International Clipboard Table Tennis Association (ICBTTA) - official clipboard training video (MPEG1, 6.7Mb, 1:51)
New Developments in table tennis - hardbat leads the way with cutting-edge technical advancements! (MPEG1, 6.0Mb, 1:40)

European Highlights

2004 Nordhorn Brettchen Open - Nikolai Marek, G. Metzenbaur, K. Friedrich, F.-J. Huermann, U. Watermann (MPEG1, 5.6Mb, 1:34)
2004 Gloucester Hardbat - Darren Griffen, Scott Johnson, Steve Hall, Dave Harvey (MPEG1, 4.6Mb, 1:15)
2000 Manchester Hardbat - Dennis Neale, Henry Buist, plus Reisman, Berger, and... Vicki! (MPEG1, 6.2Mb, 1:45)


1999 U.S. Open Final - Ty Hoff vs. Lily Yip (MPEG1, 5.9Mb, 1:38)
1999 U.S. Nationals highlights - Hodges, Hoff, May, Masters, Doyle, Reisman, Berger, Gabriel (MPEG1, 5.4Mb, 1:30)
1999 U.S. Nationals Final - Ty Hoff vs. Derek May (MPEG1, 4.7Mb, 1:19)


1998 U.S. Open Highlights - Tannehill, May, Hoff, Boggan (MPEG1, 5.4Mb, 1:28)
1998 U.S. Open Final - Danny Seemiller vs. Attila Malek (MPEG1, 3.2Mb, 0:54)
1998 U.S. Nationals Highlights - Hoff, Yip, Hodges, Doyle, Berger, Seemiller (MPEG1, 2.9Mb, 0:49)
1998 U.S. Nationals Final - Ty Hoff vs. Lily Yip - their first encounter (MPEG1, 4.3Mb, 1:11)


1997 U.S. Nationals Final - Marty Reisman vs. Larry Hodges (MPEG1, 3.2Mb, 0:53)


Ulpiano Santo - the oldest active athlete in the United States (MPEG1, 3.5Mb, 0:58)
Reisman Cigarette Trick - the Money Player demonstrates his famous shot in Las Vegas (MPEG1, 3.2Mb, 0:52)
Reisman Hardbat Clinic - 3-time U.S. national singles champ shows the basic strokes (MPEG1, 3.8Mb, 1:03)
Keiko Okazaki - the most interesting serves in table tennis! (MPEG1, 3.7Mb, 1:02)
Chuck Medick - the legendary blind umpire, mid-1940s (MPEG1, 2.8Mb, 0:30, silent)
The Reisman Forehand - Finally, conclusive proof that Marty's forehand is the greatest ever! (MPEG1, 2.5Mb, 0:28)
Clipboard in Fairfield - Part 1: offense/defense (MPEG1, 3.3Mb, 0:55)
Clipboard in Fairfield - Part 2: the long point (MPEG1, 2.8Mb, 0:47)
Clipboard in Fairfield - Part 3: stunning finish (MPEG1, 2.9Mb, 0:49)