This site is devoted to Puggo's restoration of the Shea Bootleg 1979 VHS tape of "Star Wars".

What is the "Shea Bootleg"?
It is my transfer and restoration of an old (1979) bootleg VHS tape of Star Wars. The tape was borrowed from a member of who goes by the name of PhotoDroid. The name "Shea" is because PhotoDroid credited someone named "Shea" as being the owner of the tape. It has the original crawl and is letterboxed widescreen. It sounds to me like it has the 35mm mix.

For the video capture, I used a Panasonic AG-1980 VHS deck through a AVTools-8710 TBC, direct to computer through a Canopus ADVC-100 card. I did very little post-production - just some minor editing in Vegas Video, and some audio leveling in CoolEdit. I used TMPGEnc for encoding, DVD-Lab for authoring, and Nero for burning. The entire capture and restoration took only a few days in March 2013.

It is my opinion that this bootleg was made from a 16mm source, because it includes reel change markers consistent with a 3-reel source, and in the same positions as the Puggo Grande. It is almost certainly a different source than the Puggo Grande, however, as the reel change markers look more numerous.

Note - this project is archival only, and I don't distribute my projects.


Selected frames.

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