This site is devoted to PUGGO's projects.

The Trilogy:

  • Puggo GRANDE (16mm Star Wars transfer)
  • Puggo Strikes Back (16mm ESB transfer)
  • Return of the Pug (16mm ROTJ transfer)

    Related Projects:

  • Puggo Edition (8mm Star Wars transfers)
  • Rescuing Star Wars (documentary)
  • Stjärnornas Krig (16mm Swedish transfer)
  • Shea Bootleg (1979 VHS bootleg tape)

    The film restorations described on this site are protected under copyright. Therefore I do not distribute them. They are for my own personal use, and my efforts are described here solely for research purposes, and for the curiosity of people with an interest in historic film preservation.

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    A long time ago, in a puppy pound down the street . . . .

    For thousands of years, Gungans trained as Jedis. Before the dark times... before The Empire.

    Through the millenia, the Jedi have searched for clues as to how the great master, a giant among Gungans, Jar-Jar Binks honed his uncanny combat skills and deep philosophical insights.

    We all know how Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Luke became one with the force under the spiritual tutelage of the great Yoda. For the first time, it can now be revealed that, all the while, Jar-Jar was receiving special secret training from a legendary yet virtually unknown Jedi master, Puggo.

    Shrouded in mystery, Puggo is said to have tapped into the slobbery side of the force. Always careful to protect the anonymity of his mentor, Master Binks avoids any discussion on the subject. Recently, however, he was heard whispering the words "Heesa me teacher", in a moment of quiet reflection.

    It is said that master Yoda, upon learning of Jar-Jar's time spent with Puggo, remarked: "explains things it does."